4 Signs Your Employees are Too Stressed

Stress ruins businesses. Not only can it wreak havoc on your team’s motivation to work hard, but it can also affect loyalty and even have adverse effects on the immune system. A stressful work environment also leads to costly staff turnover.


How can you tell if your employees are too stressed at work? It can be a touchy subject to bring up. Here are four ways to assess the threat-level of stress in your office just by observing.


#1. Too many sick days.

An increase in call-outs is one of the first serious signs of a stress problem in the workplace. Stress can play a role in a large number of health issues, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and more. Stress can also cause headaches and sleep issues.


If you are seeing an increased amount of absences from your team, there’s a chance your organization as a whole is sick.



#2. Are people quitting?


This one is pretty obvious, but definitely worth paying attention to. It’s also important to track who is leaving. Is one department experiencing more than its share of turnover? It’s important to address any serious morale problem before it gets to this point.




#3. Productivity has decreased.


Happiness in the workplace has been proven to have a huge effect on productivity. Recent studies suggest that a happy workforce is around 18% more effective than a team that feels just “okay”. The reason is simple, it’s because positive emotions give us a physical uplifting effect and provide us with energy.


When stress is high and productivity falls, employees tend to begin to blame each other, leading to unnecessary infighting.


#4. Is There Laughter?


Not everyone likes to make small talk with the boss, but you should be looking around to see if they are chatting with each other. Do you ever hear laughter? Do employees congregate in common spaces during breaks or go to lunch together? These kinds of social interactions indicate your team members feel a sense of belonging within your team.


This isn’t to say the members of your team need to be best friends, but a friendly work relationship leads to sharing ideas and a less stressful work environment. If you find your employees mostly keep to themselves at work, that could be a big sign that you have a stress problem.


Oh No! My employees are stressed out! What now?

First, it’s important to know that some amount of workplace stress is unavoidable and even healthy. After all, a business needs to perform and meet goals in order to succeed and grow. However, a few small steps can go a long way toward creating an authentically happy work environment and reducing the impact of stressors on your team.


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