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Welcome to Laughtership LLC!

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Laughtership LLC is dedicated to creating positive energy,
improved happiness, resiliency, and optimism; through the application of positive psychology and unconditional laughter!

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Laughter yoga?


The best medicine?
A hidden superpower?
A Handy Tool?
All that and more!

Find out how a simple "Ha Ha Ha" can change your life so profoundly.  It has certainly changed mine! Read My Story

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Corporate Training         

What If I could share with you a

  • Simple
  • Affordable
  • Practical, and 
  • LASTING way to improve your business bottom line?

Sounds pretty good, right? 

What if that same technique also improved the morale and overall happiness of your employees?


In my 2 decades of experience as a business and non-profit leader; and as an industrial & organizational psychology coach and practitioner, I have observed that far too often businesses place the happiness of their employees and the morale of the organization too far down on the list of operational priorities. 

And I totally get it. Bottom lines, sales goals, and investor returns are often the prime focus of a business,
because that is what keeps the business.

Unfortunately, we have it all backwards.

I am here to help!

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Become Laughter Certified!

Become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL)! Spread laughter wherever you go!

CLYL training is 14-hours, and is typically done on a weekend. At the end of the training, you will have all of the skills necessary to run your own Laughter Club or start your own laughter business!

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Become a FREE member, and enjoy all of the latest Laughtership news and events.

Premium Laughter Membership ($100/yr), you get discounts to online training, webinars, and content, PLUS 10% off any CLYL Training 
(over $30 savings!)

Join Me!

Call or  Email
(907) 750-7010

P.O. Box 83461
Fairbanks, AK 99708

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