How To Avoid Flying Blenders! – Using mindfulness and laughter to re-center your stress response

You may have seen this in the news.
A disgruntled customer at a McDonalds throws her food at a manager, and the manager responds by throwing A BLENDER at the woman’s face, knocking her to the ground. If you haven’t seen the video, here it is.

I do not condone throwing greasy fast food OR blenders, but…c’mon.
Anyone who has EVER worked retail, fast food, or front-line customer service can empathize with the manager. And anyone who has ever had to interact with “that” manager can empathize with the customer.
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Imagine the levels of stress that each must have been under, to react so vehemently! The pressure, the feeling of injustice, of being ignored, the utter lack of decency on both sides, the intense anger that had to bubble up from inside EACH of them, resulting in a blender to the face. It must have been intense!
Thankfully, I have a way to provide a pressure-release that involves no food or kitchen appliances flying through the air! 
It may sound a bit “out there,” but the proof is in the results. Join me In my upcoming webinar, I will give you tools to produce energy, positive emotions, and stress relief through the simple act of laughing and breathing. We do this activity without the need for jokes or humor, and no special equipment or advanced training is required! The end result is a happier office environment, one that is less stressed, healthier, and more productive
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